Allison's Flower Blog

There ain’t no party like a flower party.


Or so they say. Or maybe that is just me :)  But either way I am excited to start this new venture, and make your party or special day even better.


I have named my shop Green Cascade for a variety of Reasons.  The name Green(e) holds a special place in my heart and the history of my family.  I am from the Pacific Northwest, where the Cascade Mountains make their home. Also, cascade is a bouquet style/shape. Green Cascade is also a beautiful plant:


Green Cascade is a wonderful pendulous form of Acer japonicum. Leaves are a rich green and feathery. This is a great dissectum with brilliant fall colors that range through yellow-orange tones with traces of crimson. Low growing and vigorous this maple is a very nice addition to any collection. Slow mounding growth to 4 feet tall, 6-8 feet wide. Tends to grow laterally. Sun/ part shade.


Plus it just sounds cool, doesn't it?